In keeping with our 26 year commitment to excellence, we offer the following warranty(s):

We guarantee all of our body, unibody/structural, conventional frame, mechanical and refinish labor for as long as you, our original customer, own your vehicle. In order to present a claim, you must provide current registration and a copy of the original paperwork, if at all possible.

New parts carry warranties provided by their respective manufacturer and normally expire after one year from our date of purchase. Used part warranties are usually limited to thirty or ninety days, depending on the source. Ask your estimator for specifics. We will assist you with the resolution of these issues.

Please read and understand the enclosed paint warranty provided by Spies-Hecker, GmbH, a German Division of the paint giant Dupont, and the O.E.M. supplier to Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar,etc. Yes, all of our projects benefit from the “Best in Class” refinishing system!

Every automotive coating, original or aftermarket, begins to degrade from the moment of application. Those which are continually exposed to the full sun without benefit of normal care will degrade more rapidly due to ultraviolet penetration, additionally, tree sap, industrial fallout, bird droppings, industrial coating overspray and other acidic or alkaline contamination will all contribute to surface etching and the permanent failure of the finish. Your vehicle must also show evidence of a regimen of waxing or detailing performed at least twice every calendar year . Surface chips and scratches should be touched up within a few days to prevent moisture migration and a resultant loss of adhesion. Rock chips, surface scratches and other post delivery blemishes are considered “normal wear-and-tear” items.

***Please note: Damage resulting from environmental contamination, normal wear-and-tear or neglect is specifically excluded under the terms of this warranty .

We make every effort to provide our customers with “Best in Class” performance. Thank you for your confidence and please , let us assist you in extending your car finish’s lifespan by performing our free annual inspection. Call for an appointment or drop by at your convenience and we will with you as soon as possible.

Philip Thearle, C.E.O.

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